Pro's to having a professional band perform for your event:

  • Nothing compares to live music in terms of sound quality.
  • You can choose a band based on your own tastes, and the music will be what you and your guests like.
  • Live music can be more exciting and can get the crowd more involved.
  • A band can vary the speed of the songs, depending on the mood of your guests and the atmosphere you wish to create.
  • Different instrumental or vocal solos can also be played throughout the evening.

 GOV'T PLANT...........Comprised of 5 professional studio musicians, the band has gained notable exposure for it's originality in song writing and the ability to bring entertainment to any stage with crowd pleasing results. Lead by the soaring vocals of Arnold Davidson, the band brings a power packed sound described as High Energy Country blended with the sounds of Southern Rock / Rock / and Blues. Ranked 1 for most of 2009 on Southwest VA's country charts, Govt Plant continues to spread power and depth through their music performing originals and covers that captivate their audiences show after show.

Zonkers - An all 80's Dance Party Band!! Flash back in style with this band! 


This Sixth Day is an awesome blend of Original Progressive metal with strong melodies & Death Metal Breakdowns with ALL CLEAN VOCALS! Recently opened for Papa Roach _______________________________________________ 

Close to Closure: a hard rock band based in southwest Virginia. The band is currently working on the first album, and seeking a record contract. We take pride in our ability to perform live, and can energize any crowd. _______________________________________________

Evolution Theory contains very talented musicians playing mostly 80's metal such as Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister and more!! _________________________________

New River Band (Jamen Denton,  Chris Rakes, Cameron Vaught, and Benjamin Caudill)  Will bring you an EXPLOSION of blues, roots, rock, and alternative country with a twist of folk-funkin' groove! __________________________________________

The Bob Lowery Band is well known for their shows due to their audience involvment. The play Country, Bluegrass, Rock and a whole lot in between.  _________________________________

Epic......a very well known and notarized band out of West Virginia. Playing unique versions of very popular diverse songs! Perfect for any college party or other event.




 Common Ground plays Originals, Top 40 Country, Southern Rock, Classic Rock, Gospel, Blues, and a few Bluegrass tunes. They have the ability to play anything your heart desires. They are able to cross genres so easily because they work only with accomplished musicians.  Give your guests only the best! Put Common Ground on stage for your next event. We guarantee you will be dancing throughout the night! ___________________________________________

James Meadows & The Country Mile Drifters

Reigns to Ruin - These boys play all of our old favorites and put on a show you won't soon forget, playing hits from artists such as: Poison/Sublime/  Jackyl /Smashing Pumpkins and more !


Insanatarium: a very energetic local band that provides their own Death Metal originals and they do it with flair. _________________________________ 

Clay Davidson & Friends are available for accoustic sets, playing a wide variety of our pasts most memorable songs.  ___________________________________________

Caiged Angel: High energy music of the ages for all ages and knows how to entertain an audience from the very young to the very young-at-heart. The band offers a diverse mix of music including classic rock, country, bluegrass, blues, disco (yes, disco!), even a little Hillbilly Hip-Hop. There’s something for everyone at a CAIGED ANGEL show, we are an audience participation band who believes “the more the merrier” and loves to share the fun, the stage, and the music with the fans. ___________________________________________

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