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We are unable to take any more bookings for Friday's, Saturdays, or Sundays until after September 16, 2012. Thank you to ALL of my satisfied customers for spreading the word and making our services so popular!

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There's a little music in all of us..........

Frequently Asked Questions

*  What geographical area do you serve?

         We serve any area within 150 mile radius of the home office in Marion, VA

* What does 100% digital mean?

         All our DJs use computerized music systems. Our DJs carry their music library on their computer systems instead of using CDs. All the music in our       library has been converted to digital MP3 format as is stored on the hard disk. The DJ can find any song in the database with a few keystrokes in less than one minute.  

* When do I need to book your services?

         Since we can only perform a certain number events on any given day, it is recommended that you book with us as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more competition there is for your date. However, if you are trying to plan an event with short lead-time please call us, as we will try to do everything possible to accommodate your request. We have performed events where we were booked over a year in advance as well as only a few hours before.

* I have decided to book with your company what do I need to do?

          Once you have made the decision to book with us you need to sign your entertainment agreement. If you don’t already have one that was sent to you by our event planner then contact us to request it. Send a signed copy of the agreement and the requested deposit back to us and your date is secure.

 * What will my DJ wear to the event?

          All our DJs will normally wear Black and White Attire to formal events. For more casual events, the DJ will accommodate your required dress code from a suit and tie to a tie-dyed shirt and shorts. It is completely your call!

* Will the disc jockey make any announcements that I need?

           All our DJs are seasoned professionals capable of adapting their natural style to your needs. Whether you want an outgoing and energetic DJ Entertainer or a professional Master of Ceremonies keeping the activities on track and the guests informed or a low-key DJ playing great music; it is completely your choice. If you are looking for some major crowd interaction consider booking one of our packages that includes both a Disc Jockey and a Master of Ceremonies (Emcee)

* Why should we hire you?

           Experience, passion, and commitment. In a world where downloaded music and cheaply produced audio gear has become common, so has the misconception that anyone with a lot of music and a sound system can provide adequate services. Music and audio gear are merely tools and the tools alone do not level the playing field. In any profession, knowledge is king and a great deal of the knowledge possesed by top-notch professionals is derived from real world performance. My passion and commitment are part of who I am, however without some experience, I would not be able to take full advantage of these traits. My customers get my full attention and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are in very competent hands.

* Do you use a written contract?

            Yes. All important details are spelled out in an easy to read contract so that both parties have a full understanding of the agreement being entered into.

* Do you take any breaks during the event?

            We play music during the time you set in our contract. The only stoppage of music is for presentation purposes. Or any announcements you may require.

* If we extend the party, what will overtime cost?

            Our standard rate for overtime is $50.00 per half hour. But if our DJ is booked at another location, we cannot extend our service time.

* What if the party is cut short for whatever reason?

           There are no refunds or discounts. We set this certain  time and date aside for your event. What payment we agree on originally will be what is due unless the time is run over our original agreement.



Sanra Epperson - North Carolina - 910-639-4089

The Pit BBQ - Chilhowie, VA - Julie Sturgill - 276-521-0081

Chilhowie Elementary School - Dennis Carter - 276-646-8220

Claude Sherain - Mountain City, TN - 423-727-4690

Jason Jones - Glade Springs, VA - 276-429-5623

Wytheville KOA - Wytheville, VA - Mike & Linda Ambrosio - 276-228-7408

The Rock-it Club - Bluefield, WV - Sharon - 276-322-2927

Shannon & Cory Barker - Abingdon, VA - 276-492-3759

Sheila Parks - Marion, VA - 276-783-9060

Britany Methena - Glade Springs, VA - 276-646-2631

Pleasant View Church - Kathy Matthews - Abingdon, VA -276-628-6323

More References available upon request.  

______________________________________________________________________________ Here is our payment center. You do not have to have a PayPal account, simply a credit/debit card to pay your deposit, or complete balance due for our services. If you choose to wait until we arrive to pay your balance, keep in mind it must be in cash!! Simply refer to the quote given to you by our company, and pay that amount. Thank you again for your business. All of our prices are in $25 and $100 increments. Please choose your quantity to add up to your price given. Sorry for the inconvenience but there is a $10 fee for paying online due to credit card charges that are now in effect through PayPal. 

10$ Fee for online Payment

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